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Established in 2011, Eating Europe Tours provides authentic culinary city tours in some of Europe’s most famous and historic cities. Currently with operations in London, Rome, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and Prague, Eating Europe is proud to be recognised as one of the leading culinary group activity operators in Europe.

Its unique culinary tours take guests off the beaten path and into real neighbourhoods to experience an authentic taste of the local cuisine and culture – providing the perfect backdrop for a team away day, corporate gathering or bonding session.

Each tour typically lasts three to four hours and is a progressive walking tour, accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly local guide. The tours can be tailored to individual needs, or why not leave it to the team to privatise one of its existing tours for a group. In order to maintain an authentic experience on tour, the company tends to limit group sizes to ten to 14, however they are used to working with much larger groups and are able to cater for these bigger groups by including multiple guides and staggered start times.

In addition to its walking tours, Eating Europe also arranges cooking classes and demonstrations, typically set in a local home within the city.

London has fast become one of the leading cities for groups and corporate events and one of the most popular tours include the Twilight Soho Food & Cocktail Tour and our East End Food Tour.

Using its expertise and knowledge of the local area, together with the relationships that it’s built over many years with vendor partners, the firm will create a unique and unforgettable experience for clients or businesses. Plus, the dedicated sales and partnerships team will work closely with you, either remotely or at your offices, to ensure your event is planned and executed efficiently and to the highest standards.

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– Prague
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